Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix


Easy to make and quick to bake.  These chocolate chip cookies are a firm favorite in our house.  They’re also perfect to bring to a party to share with others, with or without food allergies.


Farro vegetable pilaf


This farro-vegetable pilaf is a welcome change from all the meat (especially beef and pork) that I tend to cook for my son, because he is allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts.  There’s a lovely combination of different textures in the pilaf and it is packed with nutritious vegetables.

No Grumble Apple Crumble


Apple crumble is another firm favorite in my house for dessert and sometimes even for breakfast.  It’s delicious hot or cold, on its own or with custard or ice-cream.  The ingredients are simple and it’s relatively quick to make (except for rubbing the butter into the flour mixture to make the breadcrumbs.)  I like to bake the apple crumbles in small pyrex dishes and freeze some so that I always have a tasty dessert that can be ready quickly.

To cook it without dairy, I substitute Energy Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread for butter.  This works well.

Rosti Bolognese Pie


This is a delicious and nutritious variation on good old Shepherd’s Pie.  It combines meat and five different vegetables.  The red pepper sauce (I make my own by mincing a jar of roasted red peppers in a blender) adds a sweet interest to the dish.  Rosti pie is the most frequently requested meal by my son.  He regularly wolfs down at least 2 of them for dinner.

In place of cheddar cheese, I use Daiya ‘mozzarella style shreds’ which melt quite well into the hot mashed potato.

Veggie Burgers


As a change from meat, we came upon these ‘supreme crispy quinoa vegetable burgers’ in The Pollan Family Table cookbook.  My very hungry son ate 3 of these in one sitting!  They are packed with plant protein from the quinoa and the beans, as well as nutritious carrots and scallions.  Plus they come with all vegetable toppings of a regular burger.  Even ketchup works well with them.

My son is allergic to eggs, so instead of using egg to bind the ingredients, we use Egg Replacer from Ener-G Foods.  This makes the veggie burgers a little looser than a regular burger, but with careful handling they keep their shape well enough.  Enjoy!


Flavorful Fish Tacos


It is very hard to persuade my kids to eat fish at home, but using this recipe, they both eat 2 or 3 pieces of fish, as well as a hearty serving of fresh vegetables.  These fish tacos make for a fun and nutritious lunch or evening meal.

To take account of my son’s allergies to dairy, eggs and nuts, I adapted the original ‘beer-battered fish tacos with mango salsa’ recipe found in The Pollen Family Table cookbook.  I replaced the ‘chipotle mayonnaise’ with mashed avocado which still kept the tacos moist.




No-cook tomato sauce

This dairy, egg and nut free pasta dish is very easy to rustle up on a busy weeknight when I don’t have a lot of time to cook.  I like to use Backyard Farms cocktail tomatoes because they are always full of flavor and very colorful.  Sometimes I add pan fried shrimp for more nutrition and interest.  I use the “No-Cook Tomato Sauce (Salsa Cruda)” recipe from for my inspiration.

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